Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ooops! Guess I Missed October!

 I can't believe it has been 5 weeks since I updated this blog! Guess turning 50 really threw me for a loop! (*not really, but its as good a reason as any for being such a slacker*)

I'm going to have to work backwards from the present to early October events, but please note that this does not indicate the importance of said events!

This past Saturday, Nov 3rd, was Josie's second piano recital.  It marked her first full year of lessons with her teacher, Miss Sherri.  Josie has come such a long way with her lessons.  We never have to remind her to practice with Ms. Sherri making learning so much fun.  The recital was held at 9:30 AM and lasted for an hour.  Ms. Sherri's other students are quite accomplished, so much so that I felt a bit of Tiger Mom competitiveness clawing its way out of me.... (*I must push Josie to attempt more complex pieces of music...!*)  I suppressed the urge, knowing that when she grows up, Josie wants to be a waitress, not a concert pianist. (!)

Josie with her beloved piano teacher, Ms Sherri

So proud of her second trophy!

The evening before the recital, we had a visit from our dear friend, Ed B.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll recognize Ed... He and his wife, Marty, accompanied us to Africa in 2009.  They are also in photos of nearly family event of the past 15 + years!  How we miss our 'Virginia family'!

It was Ed's first visit to our West Coast digs, so it had been about 3 years since Josie had seen him.  She did remember him and quickly recalled playing with his grandson, Joey.  We took the two following photos so that 'Aunt Marty' could see how big and grown up Josie is now:

Of course, our visit with Ed was too short.  He was leaving early on Saturday morning to head back to Virginia, with a stop in Phoenix to look in on his Dad.  Sure wish Ed did more business on the West Coast!

We managed to squeeze in a memorable Halloween, too!  Josie decided to ditch the princess costumes and transformed into a Ninja at about 6 PM on October 31st.  She was not a happy Ninja starting out, but things got better as the candy bag got heavier...

 Biggest event in October was the marriage of my God daughter, Katie, to the handsome and loving Jesse, on the 20th of the month.  It was a beautiful occasion.  Plenty of opportunities to get misty-eyed over how beautiful the bride looked and how she seemed to grow up overnight.  I was third on the 'call list' the day that Katie was born in TwentyNine Palms, CA.  Her Mom, Nancy, was and is still, a wonder to me.

Shortly after 3:30 PM on that sunny day, the Reverend Karen summoned all present to rise for the arrival of the bride.  We stood, looked toward the barn and waited.  And waited. And waited some more.  After about 4 minutes, we heard someone behind us whisper "It's so quiet... you could hear a pin drop".  Nancy leaned back against me and whispered, "Or, hear an engine start and tires screech down the road...."  I laughed out loud!  This has been the kind of 'gallows humor' Nancy and I have shared throughout our two decades ++ of friendship.  We kept each other afloat during some very trying times.

I've already posted quite a few of these photos on Facebook.  So, for those whom I haven't bored to tears bragging about my Goddaughter, here are some shots from Katie's wedding:

I still have more photos of other, more mundane events taking place around the house.  Seeing how it has taken me over 6 hours to write this much - school is dismissing at 12:30 every day this week due to parent-teacher conferences -  I will have to wrap up this post and get back to my daughter.  Hopefully, it won't be another month gone before I get back here!