Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventure Update!

Well, we're mid-way through July and the adventures continue.  I'm proud to say that television time is at an all time low and computer time has been drastically slashed!  My cooking lessons with the girls were a success and everyone really loved the lasagna, apple pie and peach cobbler Josie and Katie created.

I guess my husband was inspired by the girls - an invitation to a pizza making class held by Naples Restaurant, Downtown Disney landed in his email inbox and he didn't hesitate before signing up himself and the little chefs for the opportunity.

Katie and Josie discuss what toppings will be on their pizzas

Chef gives instructions on how to work the dough

Apparently, they're 'naturals'!

The 'almost finished' product ready for the wood-fired oven

Don't worry, the wines belonged to James!

Oh, and the gang ran into our favorite server, Israel!

Katie was very pleased with her creation!

Visit to a Rescue Center


This morning we visited the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which rescues elephant seals and sea lions in distress.  Some are sick, some are injured but all are nursed back to health and released back into the sea.

We didn't get very close to the residents of the Center.  They are kept behind two layers of fencing to limit human interaction.  The volunteers even hide their food behind a gate at feeding time so they don't get used to being fed instead of foraging for their meals.  It's hard to stand back...the baby sea lions are just stinking adorable!

The volunteers were generous with their time and knowledge, allowing the girls to learn quite a bit about the seals and sea lions.  Below are some photos of our visit:

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