Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Lessons Begin!

My neighbor, Jenny and I are making a concerted effort to keep our girls busy this summer.  Given the chance, I'm sure both our girls (Josie and Katie) would spend hours on the computer or in front of the TV.  Both of the girls are registered in the Summer Bridge program at their elementary school.  Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12.  Both girls will be tackling work for the grade level they enter in the Fall.

That schedule leaves a lot of time to plan other educational opportunities.  Jenny works until 2PM, but when she gets home, she conducts a Math class for the girls.  Classes are from 2:15 - 3:00 every week day, except Thursday.  (Thursday they both have piano lessons).  Jenny has also scheduled a visit to an evening concert and a weekend camping trip for the girls.

I've been trying my hand at scheduling field trips and at-home lessons for the girls.  Today, we had our first Field Trip to Centennial Farm.  They have a lot of hands-on exhibits for the kids to explore.  They update births of new animals on their website, so we were very excited to see the new calves, kids and chicks born in recent weeks.  There is a huge agricultural display - featuring fruits and vegetables that are grown on-site and donated to a local homeless shelter.  Both of the girls had never seen how artichokes or brussel sprouts look in the field, and I was amazed by the varieties of peppers grown!  We also learned about natural/organic methods used to control pests that bother both plants and animals.  Here are some more photos from our farm visit:


Another BIG event that took place this past week was Maddie starting college!  She is enrolled for the summer session at her college and Sunday was move-in day for the dorm she will be living in until early August.  I didn't want to go overboard with the photos - both Maddie and I were very, very nervous.  The drive from my sister's house to the college was nearly silent, interrupted only by our big, deep inhales of breath.  We both were very nauseous - fear of the unknown had both of us tense.  Luckily, all of that fear and anxiety disappeared within 2 minutes of meeting Maddie's roommate and her family.  What a wonderful group of folks.  Here's the few photos I took of Maddie's dorm room before being shooed away:

Entrance to the Dorm

Still unpacking - the fridge was a graduation present from Aunt Claudine and Aunt Suzanne.

Maddie's new closet and dresser - I'm sure this is the cleanest it will be for the next 6 weeks!

Maddie's home for the next 6 weeks!

Our summer activities resume tomorrow with a visit to the Sawdust Art Festival.  Josie and Katie are both 'artistic' types, so I'm sure they are going to love all the vendors - not to mention the free concerts that take place throughout the day!  For myself, I'm hoping I won't run into anything I 'have to have' - easy way to go broke!

Our next learning trip, on Monday, will be to a local Ramakrishna Monastery.  They have a 'spiritual trail' which presents symbols from all major world religions, and features indigenous plants and wildlife.  It will be a wonderfully peaceful outing for the girls.

Hope everyone has an outstanding weekend!  Staaayyy Cool!

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  1. I love the smiling pig. She does look like she's smiling. :)

    Hard to believe Maddie is in college. How are you handling your baby girl fledging? Time flies by so quickly. I know this will be an adjustment for both of you.

    Have fun with Josie. Sometimes I wish I had a child at home so I could have the kind of fun you have planned with your fieldtrips!

    Stay cool!