Monday, June 11, 2012

June is All About Josie!

Now that we have all of Maddie's events out of the way, we made room for little Josie to start filling in her calendar with events just for her!

On June 2, Josie performed in her first Piano Recital.  She has been taking lessons with Miss Sherri since the Fall.  She has progressed so well that we purchased a piano for her about a month ago.  For the past four weeks, the house has been filled with the rich sound of Josie, Katie and Nyra having piano duels while preparing for their respective recitals.  We couldn't be happier - or more proud.

Josie loves playing the piano.  She never has to be reminded to practice and will do so for well over the time required by her instructor.  On the big day she performed beautifully.  She remembered to sit properly and to stand then bow after her piece.

Here are some photos from the day:

Josie with her Gung Gung and MaMa

PopPop and Aunt Claudine

Josie's proud family

On Monday, June 4th Josie's class took a field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium.  Knowing that she would be leaving for college in a matter of weeks, Maddie volunteered as a chaperone for the outing.  Josie was beyond thrilled!
The girls had a great time.  It had been a while since Maddie had been on a school bus - and Josie made sure to reserve a seat for just the two of them.  We have noticed that Josie has the slight flaw of not 'sharing' particularly well... especially when it comes to her family!  She relaxed enough to allow Maddie to take on chaperoning duties for her two friends, Emily and Kennedy.

Kennedy (l) and Emily (r)

Josie was called upon to help place kelp in the marine habitat.

Maddie goofing with her 'charges'!

Maddie fell in love with all of Josie's classmates, noting that all were amazingly well behaved and respectful.  Josie's teacher, Mrs. S and the other Moms complimented Maddie often - telling her how wonderful it was to see two sisters so devoted to each other.  Before Josie came to us, I would dream that Maddie would be the kind of Big Sister she has turned out to be.  Josie adores Maddie completely and I know she will suffer greatly when Maddie leaves us to attend college. So, we're all savoring these moments, and dreading the impending separation.

... One more of the girls before signing off.  Hope everyone enjoys these last few weeks of school!  We still have Field Day, Pizza Party Day and a retirement party for Josie's teacher in the next 10 days!  After that - East Coast here we come!!!

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  1. Way to go Josie! I would love to hear you play the piano.