Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Was Supposed to be a Quick Paint Job....

 Back in March, I started what was supposed to be a quick "sprucing up" of the girl's bathroom. I finished the project yesterday. Not the most efficient or timely work I have taken on, but I'm pleased with the outcome.

 We've been living in this house for two and a half years, our 6th house in 12 years. It is the first house I have purchased without having seen it first. So, of course, any problems with house - from the layout to the paint color of the walls - is entirely my husband's fault. The cost of home repair, as with everything else around here, is ridiculous. So, I've taken on most of the tasks myself. (I will interject here that my husband is not a handy guy. He takes care of the cars, does laundry when needed, and is overall a very tidy guy.)

The bathroom being discussed has an "L" shaped layout. It is a good size, measuring 47 sq. ft. in area. I had big problems with this bathroom from the start. If you take a look at the photo above, you will see that there were very dated, clunky glass sliding doors on the tub. Giving Josie a bath was an exercise in pain and frustration. I would have to lean over those metal door tracts while kneeling at the far end of the tub. (Note how close the toilet is to the tub...) I have had bruises on my ribs from time we moved in! Also, I could scrub for hours and still never get under that metal. I really disliked the color of the tiles and the walls, so I finally bit the bullet. I called in Miracle Method bath refinishers, took down the glass doors and hoped for the best. The shower/tub combo looked great afterward. Very clean, no more caulking and no need for a bath mat - the tub received a non-slip treatment as part of the service.

Look at the grime that was under that door tract!

 As I was painting the bathroom, I noticed that the grout around the floor tiles was just crumbling. I had already noticed a bit of movement in the tiles around the tub. So, I told James that the floors had to go. We went out the following Saturday and picked out the tile. We called the same tile guy who had done such a good job on our fireplace surround. His prices were very reasonable but we couldn't get on his schedule for 3 weeks.

Flooring and paint completed.

 Only two items remained: the baseboards and installation of the wall decal I ordered for the longest wall in the bathroom. I was going to install the decal, but I wanted the baseboards in first. James very conveniently found a handyman (he was a driver for the car service James uses to go back and forth to the airport)and had him come by to give us an estimate. The price was right, so James scheduled him to come 4 days later. I will add here that my husband is an engineer who owns a mitre box. (Just saying')

 The handyman was a chatty type, explaining each time he came down the stairs to make a cut, just how difficult it was to get a precise angle on that darn baseboard. It took him SIX HOURS to install about 27 linear feet of baseboard! Really? SIX HOURS? Unbelievable!

 James was a bit surprised to find the handyman still at the house when he came in from work. He looks at me and says "What's the deal?" I said, "I don't know, you hired him - you tell me." Turns out that the gentleman fancies himself a handyman but doesn't really have all that much experience outside of his own home repair adventures. Ahhh, that explains it! At dinner that night I told James I was very sorry, but his hiring privileges were revoked. For the next project we get three estimates for the full scope of work! Anyway, here's the finished product....


Just a few more little items to grab - towel bars, etc and I will be fully content. My only problem from here on out should just be getting Maddie to pick up her clothes from the bathroom floor!