Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break Road Trip

What started in Vegas, ended in Vegas... our road trip, that is! We took advantage of the awesome discount airfare offered by Jet Blue and flew from Long Beach to Las Vegas on Monday afternoon. I'm a girl who loves a bargain, and the $94 round trip per person fare was the deciding factor that got us on the road. We walked around Vegas a bit upon our arrival. Josie loves *bling* so The Strip was just her thing. I will state for the record that anyone who claims Vegas is more 'child friendly' these days is pulling your leg. There are a few roller coasters and cool buildings, but unless you have a child who loves to shop (and the $$ to go along with it!) there's little for them to do. I like to gamble every now and then, but I don't think I could build a whole vacation around that activity. So, it was nice to SEE Vegas, but I think for us it will never be more than a 'passing through' place.

We headed out on Tuesday morning, driving north on Interstate 15, passing through the very corner of Arizona and into Utah. We arrived at Zion National Park within 3 hours, with lots of stops along the way to take photos. We had perfect weather for exploring the park. It was in the mid-high 80s as we took the 1.2 mile Emerald Pool trail from Zion Lodge. The hike was not a tough one and the reward at the end was a waterfall that created the Emerald pools. There wasn't a lot of snow this year, so the waterfall was more of a trickle, but beautiful all the same.

Josie got in a lot of rock climbing during the hike. She was also happy to see that she brought quite of bit of the red soil back with her ... her socks were just covered it it! Once we finished our hike, we grabbed a late lunch and rode the shuttle to the other viewing points in the park. We returned to our rental car and drove out of Zion toward Bryce Canyon, which was our next stop. Along the way, we passed through Dixie National Forest - site of the 'Red Canyon':

We arrived at Bryce Canyon within 2 hours - just in time to check into the Lodge at Bryce Canyon and then hike up to Inspiration Point for the sunset. I'll share those photos in my next entry. Right now I'm finishing up the laundry from the trip and getting the girls ready to head back to school. Maddie is down to about 4 weeks of high school now, and I imagine that 'Senioritis' will be kicking in with a vengeance! More to come tomorrow!

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  1. Steve and I watched the sun set from Inspiration Point. It was lovely - but SO COLD! (We went in December) Zion, on the other hand was heavenly warm for December and we liked that we could drive all the roads and not shuttle it. Love that part of the country. Looking at your photos reminds me of our trip. Same perspective! :) Loved those arches over the road too.

    Looking forward to the next batch of photos. As for Vegas.. yep - just a passing through place for us too. AK Air flies there directly so we can take care of tix for miles but that's the only reason we fly there.