Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Break in Bryce Canyon

As always, it seems, my best intentions go unmet! I had planned to publish these photos last Monday. My only excuse is that it was the Worst. Week. Ever. I'm not easily overwhelmed, but this past week really tested my limits! By Friday I was so cranky that even the dogs knew to stay away! I'm much better today, given my husband has returned from his week-long business trip. I tagged out of parental duties within a half hour of his arrival home!

 So, back to the trip... At Bryce Canyon there are about 13 scenic overlooks. We didn't hike the canyon, because getting to some of the overlook points was exercise enough. A lot of trails to the overviews were narrow with dangerous drop-offs. There were no barricades to confine our little rock climbing monkey child, so I was on high alert the whole time. We received some counterintuitive advice from the folks at The Lodge. Wanting to photograph sunset and then the sunrise the following morning we had planned to visit Sunset Point on Tuesday evening and Sunrise Point on Wednesday morning. Makes sense, right? Wrong. We were instructed to see the sunset at Inspiration Point and the sunrise at Bryce Point. No big deal, reservations not required! Must have been the standard instruction because both spots were jammed with serious photographers and their serious equipment all along the edges of the overlooks. I managed to squeeze up to rail to get a few shots then made way for James. Josie was not at all excited by being at Bryce Point at 6AM in the 30 degree chill! Here are some of the shots I got from Bryce Point at sunrise: Once we finished at Bryce Point we headed back to The Lodge to grab a quick breakfast. We wanted to drive the rest of the park to catch all the vantage points before a forecasted snow storm hit the area. We had to head back to Vegas by that (Wednesday) evening, as our flight home was early on Thursday morning. Here are some photographs of other parts of the Park: Natural Bridge - about 8 miles in on the Park road This was the last overlook on the park road - 13 miles in The park road is a closed loop, so we visited some of the viewpoints a second time, to see if there was a difference in perspective with the changing light. It was all so beautiful, no matter what time of day it was. The storm was starting to roll in, so we got on the road back to Vegas by 1PM. I took a few shots from the front passenger seat while we were leaving Utah: This quick trip was a great introduction to Utah National Parks. There are many more to explore. I hope we get the chance to revisit Utah. I also haven't travelled to Arizona at all, so that will be on my list too. Hope everyone has a great week ahead. I have the girl's bathroom being finished up this weekend, so I'll share the before and after pictures once the tile guy is done. See you then!

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  1. You're going to LOVE AZ when you get there. Quite a few more parks to visit, but kind of spread out. Of course Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring.

    We did love Bryce and got some nice sunset photos, but didn't venture out for sunrise. Some of the trails kicked my butt. :)