Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handsome Irishmen...

Aiden & Barry

...that we just happen to be related to!

Suzanne and I were so happy to share dinner this evening at the home of our cousin Phyllis! While Phyllis' beef stroganoff was delicious (really, really delicious !) it came in second to the delight of meeting her family! Pictured above are Aiden (age 8) and Barry (12). Below are Aiden, David (14) and their Dad, Walter. Not pictured are the lovely hostess (who, like most Moms was multi-tasking all over the place) and beautiful Ava Beth (age 4).

I'll be able to share more photos of all the 'next generation' cousins soon. For now, I wanted to keep my promise to Aiden that I would show his handsome face to all our friends and family in America! I also want all of the American cousins to see their Irish cousins, too! So, Maddie, Josie, Kate, Jack, Liam and Zach - say hello to just a FEW of your 3rd cousins!

Aiden, David & Walter

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  1. That's awesome! A fine bunch of handsome men. I love that you met your cousins.