Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Suzanne and I landed in Dublin about 8am this morning! After passing through customs and picking up our rental car, we hit the road for Belfast. There was no traffic on the M1 and I did awesome driving 'on the wrong side of the road'! For any of you who are familiar with Pennsylvania, the drive from Dublin to Belfast was very much like driving in Lancaster County. Lush green fields, cows grazing and quite a few really fluffy lambs! The drive was 2 hours door to door

The folks here at the Hilton Belfast were kind enough to let us check in early. We were enthusiastically greeted by bellman-valet-consierge John, who took great care of us. We grabbed a bit of lunch and took a badly needed 5 hour nap.

Belfast is the host city for the MTV European Music Awards, which will take place this Sunday night. There are concerts all over the city, including the outdoors. This massive stage was erected outside of the historic Belfast City Hall:

After walking around town a bit we stumbled into a nice local pub, The Garrick Again, just the nicest people to talk to! The food was awesome. Suzanne was thrilled that her Sheperd's Pie was made with Irish lamb. She washed it down with a half pint of hard cider. I had a nice risotto with prawns & scallops, which was impossible to finish. We walked back here to the hotel in the light rain. The wind is really kicking here, but it's not a cold wind. The temperature is right around 50 degrees, so it's really pleasant.

Tomorrow morning we are taking a Black Taxi Tour of Belfast. I can't wait to see where the Titanic was built and to learn about The Troubles' from a Belfast local. Promises to be a great learning experience!

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  1. Great photos and what fun! Love the quote on that building too.

    I'd be spending a lot of time in the pubs. *grin*