Saturday, July 16, 2011


We've been in Delaware for six days. It is so nice to kick back and relax with my parents and the kids. We've managed to squeeze in a few activities besides the beach and pool.

Suzanne, Zach and Liam were down here with us from Sunday to Wednesday. PopPop treated the kids to a deep-sea fishing outing. The half-day trip 'netted' no fish! Maddie was the only one to catch a fish, but it was too small and had to be thrown back in!

On Thursday, Maddie and Tori rented a waverunner and had a ball. It was the first time for both of them. They returned to the house all smiles, determined to do it again soon!

Every year James orders fresh seafood from the Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle, and has it shipped to my parents house. He wasn't on hand to enjoy it this year, but Tori gladly filled in for him!

On Friday, the girls had their long-awaited visit with Auntie Karen! It's a mutual love-fest and always a fun time. We hit the beach for most of the day and then shared a family dinner here at Mom and Dad's house. I was happy to see Karen recovered nicely from her car wreck - looking healthy and fit. It was nice to sit and talk for hours with my friend of 30+ years...

I'm very excited to report that on Monday I will be going wedding dress shopping with my beautiful Goddaughter, Katie. I'm a bit overwhelmed by how quickly the years have gone... diapers to wedding dresses. I am so honored to have this experience with her. Her Mom, Nancy, is a dedicated teacher who is attending a seminar that day. We'll meet her for dinner on Monday night and hopefully have some real contenders to share with her! I'll post photos of the shopping spree, hopefully on Tuesday. Until then...

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