Friday, June 17, 2011

La 'Dolce' Vita

Maddie's boyfriend, Israel, got a new puppy yesterday. Her name is Dolce. She is an 8 week old Pit Bull Terrier. She is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen!!! Since Israel had to work today and his younger brothers are still in school, we volunteered to 'babysit' the precious girl so she wouldn't be all alone on her first full day away from her dog family.

Its no secret that we are 100% dog lovers. We take great joy in having our two Jack Russells - but we were worried about how our spoiled dogs would react to the puppy. Carson, always the most protective of our two, took to Dolce right away. He wouldn't sleep last night until we let him into Maddie's room. It was an adorable sight that greeted me this morning... Maddie dead asleep, Dolce laying with her back up against Maddie's stomach, arms/paws outstretched and Carson - asleep at Maddie's feet. So sweet!

James and I are up early most days. This morning, the whole house was up at 6:15. Dolce needed to go outside and then have something to eat. She still had her 'puppy smell' from the breeder's place, so we gave her a much needed bath. She wasn't too happy about it, but she smelled like a little girl at the end! Truly Love at First Sight for the whole family. I miss her already!

Around the House

The exterior painting is complete and the gardens are in full bloom! Here's how it looks:

We're spending the weekend getting ready for our vacation. On Thursday, we fly to Philadelphia. On Saturday we fly overnight to Barcelona. Three days of fun sightseeing before we board our ship for a 10 night adventure. We'll visit Malta; Palermo, Sicily; Napoli, Roma and Firenza; then on to Corsica; and our final stop will be Villefranche, on the French Riviera.

After our cruise, James will return home but the girls and I get to stay at the beach at my parent's house for an additional couple of weeks! Can't wait!! I've covered all my bases so I can fully relax while we're away... We have a very large Czechoslovakian friend (really!) and his wife housesitting in our absence. The dogs will be spoiled rotten and I will have peace of mind. Ahhhhhh, I can taste the sangria already...!!!

I'm planning to update the blog at each port call, so check back to see how we make out!! Love to All !


  1. That pup is adorable!! Your trip sounds delightful.. I am very envious!!! Bon Voyage!

  2. Ahhhh! Puppy!!!!

    Gotta love babies. :)

    Safe travels to you and your family, Mich! Enjoy your trip!

    And I totally understand the relaxation that comes from having a good house-sitter. We have a barracks soldier stay at our house when we're gone. He's happy to have hundreds of channels on the TV, a comfy bed, and kitchen and laundry facilities. In exchange we get a lawn mowing and peace of mind!

    Enjoy spending time with your family too! I know you miss them.

    Love and hugs! xoxox