Monday, June 27, 2011

Barcelona Day 2

I must be getting old... I fully expected to be up and about early this morning. When I first stirred this morning I thought it was just dawn. Turns out it was 11:45AM. Yikes! I haven't slept that late in decades! Oh well, I guess the kids were relieved to know that the full day of walking the Barri Gotic, La Rambla and the Port Vell I had planned would have to be condensed to just the major sites. It was still a very relaxing day and we all had fun.

First, La Rambla. Lively pedestrian area of shops, street performers and sidewalk cafes. Above is a photo of the kids with one of the 'moving statue' performers. Josie didn't care too much for these guys, hence every shot I have of her near one of them includes someone's leg she was hiding behind!

We left the main drag to venture off to the Placa Reial, this square features mid-19th century buildings, Gaudi designed lampposts and a beautiful center fountain depicting the Three Graces:

We left Placa Reial and headed in the direction of the Barcelona Cathedral. We roamed the narrow streets, finding beautiful churches and chapels along the way:

We also saw some really interesting shops:

Dont ask about this one unless you are looking for genital shaped candy or marital aids. (This situation arose because teenagers MUST walk at least 50 yards in front of their parent/chaperone!)

I loved these little plaques found on the walls of nearly every street in the Barri Gothic!

Finally, we reached the Barcelona Cathedral:

It was just about 7PM when we left the Cathedral, We returned to La Rambla and walked down to the base of the avenue to the Placa del Portal de la Pau:

After exploring the waterfront for an hour or so, we took the bus (yes, I figured out not only how to use connecting bus routes but also how to identify the 'express' routes!) back to the hotel and enjoyed a late (10:45PM) dinner. The older kids hit the pool after dinner and now I think everyone is back in the room and getting tucked in. Good thing too... it's about 1:45AM Tuesday and we're scheduled on the 9:15 shuttle later this morning!


  1. The Cathedral is gorgeous!

    Looks like you're having great weather. Everyone looks fabulous. You need to get in photos too! :D

  2. So jealous... You all look wonderful and no worse for the jet lag... Could you get Liam to smile? Hope the embarkcation is stress free.. Love you and miss you all.. Mama Jane