Thursday, May 26, 2011

House Painting 101

"The Jordans" ( first and second on right) and their crew

Over the past 11 years we have lived in 4 states and bought/sold 5 houses. This is the first time that we have ever had the exterior of our home painted. Our house here in California is a typical Spanish style house. It has a stucco exterior, curved tile roof and wood facia trim. We've lived here for a bit under 2 years so it was time to update the ONLY white house in our neighborhood.

The color of the house is regulated by the Home Owners Association. We were limited by the color palate for not only our style of home but in which subdivision of the overall community we reside. I cheated a bit with the color selection... our neighbors Steve and Lori had their house painted in the same palate just a month ago. (They have the only other Spanish style house on our cul de sac.)

Back in March, we were solicited by two young men we now refer to as "The Jordans". They are college students who have their own house painting business . They dropped off an information sheet, a list of references and photos of their completed works. They followed up with a phone call and a visit to the house for a no cost/obligation estimate. James said he would much rather have our money go to kids working their way through college as opposed to a commercial painting company. We signed a contract with them in April and they followed up in early May with a proposed schedule, color chips and a walk-through of the process.

The Jordans and their crew arrived on time (6:30AM!) on Tuesday morning. They conducted a safety drill with all the workers before beginning work - ladders, ropes, harnesses - the works. I was so very impressed with their professionalism. They kept me informed on what was expected to be completed each day, on an hour by hour basis. This really made me feel secure in our decision to hire College Works... On the other hand, Maddie and Hailey were absolutely thrilled to leave and come home to all the 'eye candy' each day! :-)

Here's a few before and after photos of the work that is still in process:

Before - the house looked dated and was the only white house in our subdivision

Safety Instruction and actual painting began in the backyard

Back of house

Matt starts on the side of the house

This was a tricky area. The ladder couldn't be angled much because of the garden wall. Matt handled this part like a pro!

End of Day Two (my camera setting was off, so it looks REALLY yellow!)

Cameron preps the courtyard.

Courtyard, End of Day Two

Believe it or not, the work will be finished today. The boys will perform a walk-though and inspection of all the work before a check is written. If you live in Souther California, call these guys!

Anyway, we're headed out later on this afternoon for our weekend trip to Yosemite. We're staying in the southern part of the massive park in an area called Fish Camp. Weather is supposed to be nice. Low to mid 60s during the day, into the low/mid 20s at night. Brrrrrr. I'm ready for some chilly weather!

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