Friday, March 18, 2011

Josie Turns 6 and Playing Hookie!

Our precious Josephine turns 6 years old today! She's been counting down the days since February! A funny thing about Josie is that she equates getting older with getting taller. So, before she did anything this morning, she insisted that James and I measure and mark her height on the 'measuring wall'. Turns out she was right! We last measured Josie on 8/10/2010. Since then she has grown 7/8 of an inch! She was so proud of herself! Of course, she still weighs less than 40 pounds... I think the last time she was on the scale it showed 37.5 lbs.

Our loved ones didn't disappoint - showering Josie with beautiful cards, gifts and $$$ for her college fund. She received a toy and clothing from her Gung-Gung and MaMa; Books, clothes and a Barbie doll from Mom & Dad; Barbie Fairy Friends from her big sister; a beautiful cookie bouquet from Uncle Chalie, Aunt Kim (Josie's Godmother) and cousins Kate & Jack; a Diva Dogs creative set from Aunt Mary, Uncle Nick & Ryan; and the highly coveted "Barbie, A Fairy Secret" movie and doll from Grandmom & PopPop!

To start the birthday celebration in the proper fashion, we played hookie from school on Wednesday and headed to Palm Desert. Our dear friends, Nick and Mary, visit this time each year for vacation. They invited us to join them, Nick's parents and their son, Ryan at the villa they have in Palm Desert. It's a beautiful golf course community - so lusciously green and peaceful. The pool area is just steps away and had every amenity one could wish for! Here's the view from the pool:

We don't see enough of our Massachusetts friends- so we jumped at the chance to prolong our time together. It's a quick 2 hour drive to Palm Desert. We would have gladly driven twice the distance to have such a wonderful time being together!

Needless to say, the girls adore their Aunt Mary. She has a really special relationship with each of the girls. It's really special to watch them in action:

We haven't had Josie's Official Birthday Party (with her friends) yet. I guess I'd better get on that soon - Maddie's birthday is on March 29th and I'm sure she has all kinds of plans that I have yet to hear about!

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