Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread & Germs

The granite countertops were installed in the kitchen last Wednesday. We are very happy with them. We had to leave the two-level island in, given we didn't want to get into the plumbing and reconstruction of the whole island structure. So, we extended the top level to make it more functional. Before, it was just 12" wide. Now, it's 20". It can be used for serving kids on the go or doing homework - which frees up the kitchen table for family meals. We have a painter coming for the final phase of renovation next Tuesday. All in all, a relatively painless process.

Just when the dust settled (literally!) from the granite install, Josie came down with a wicked 'bug'. She woke me up at 3AM Thursday to tell me her throat was really dry. One touch told me that she had high fever. We settled her back to bed with some ice water and some Motrin Jr. and she was able to rest until 6AM.

Josie was hoping to attend a friend's birthday party on Saturday morning, but it just didn't happen. For 5 days her fever was between 104.6 and 101. She was at her absolute worse on Saturday. She was lethargic - just not herself at all. James and I had to cancel all of our plans for the weekend. We missed a Christmas party and a lunch with two of my High School classmates who live here on the West Coast. Total bummer. But, when you're 5 years old and feeling terrible and sick - all you really want is Your Mom. So, James & I stayed home and cuddled Josie all weekend.

While she was sick, Josie did all of her homework. She practiced her penmanship. We played about 100 hands of cards, read every book she owns and built the Gingerbread house pictured above. Of course, no one will be able to eat it because she coughed all over it while we were making it :-(

Josie's fever broke about noon on Monday, but left behind a terrible cough and runny nose. I kept her home on Tuesday to be sure the fever didn't return. Wednesday was Pajama Day at school and there was NO WAY our girl was going to miss it. So, I bundled her up in her Princess pajamas and a warm coat and off she went. She had a great time in school, but when I picked her up at 12:30 she told me she just wanted some lunch and to take a nap. Today was much better. Her cough is nearly gone and we're not going through a box of tissues every 3 hours! Her girlfriends have been knocking on the door every afternoon wanting to play... Today they played nicely outdoors for an hour and a half and Josie was happy to come in for dinner. She's currently watching Finding Nemo with her big sister, waiting for her Dad to get home from a business trip.

I'll post photos of the kitchen next Thursday. The new stainless range hood is due in next week and the painter will be done his work by then. Just in time to settle in for a Long Winters Nap!


  1. I hope Josie's feeling better and better each day. Glad to hear the kitchen renovations are coming together nicely too!


  2. Sorry she was so sick and hoping Josie is better for Christmas!!! Love the gingerbread house...germs and all.