Monday, November 8, 2010

My Husband, A Poet? I think Not.

Disclaimer: James would be a blogger if he didn't already use all his spare time writing articles about cars. He is a member of the Motor Press Guild. He writes for his hometown newspaper's Auto section; Roundel BMW magazine; der Bayerische magazine; and other auto publications. He doesn't like when I edit his work, so here is his attempt at poetry in raw form. Though I pride myself in being a loving and supportive wife, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he should really stick with writing about cars :-)

Twas 45 Days until Christmas

And throughout Disneyland

Were lights and cameras

And lots of stagehands

Because this Sunday

Which Josie and I didn’t know

Was the day that Disney

Taped their annual Christmas Day show

There was snow of the roof

Of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Half the park was cordoned off

Which made walking a hassle

In front of the castle

Was a brightly lit stage

And in the middle was Selena Gomez singing

The kids screamed in gleeful rage

She and Nick Cannon shouted out to Ryan Seacrest at Disney World

Who, if you watch the E! show “Soup”

Is said to be quite short

And somewhat aloof

We saw Woody , Buzz, Ariel, and Tiana

All dressed for the cold

Carrying holiday flora and fauna

A classic look, I'm told

We thought where we stood was safe

But instead

The Queen of Hearts pushed me aside and screamed,

“Off with his head!”

Selena Gomez sang “Winter Wonderland”

And dressed for snow

But it’s 80 degrees

She needed water to complete her show

We saw seven dwarfs , Tigger.

Mary Poppins and Bert

All dressed for Christmas

The Princesses in English Holiday skirts

Instead of riding rides

We watched the Toy Story Christmas Parade

Spreading holiday cheer

On this warm Southern California Day

As we left, a Disney employee said

“Thanks for helping us create this Happy Holiday sight

For it let’s us be with our families

On Christmas Night!”

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