Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cruises and Colleges... Oh My!

I’m feeling a bit of ‘let down’ these past few days…

I feel like I’m always playing catch-up. Took me nearly four days of thinking, unpacking, flying and driving just to sit down at my computer to update this blog. Writing here is like therapy – with pictures! So much has happened in the past 10 days – really important stuff – that I’m still trying to organize it in my mind and share it with all of my family and friends. It all feels like an unfinished sentence…just on the tip of my tongue then poof - its gone! But, I think I can get it all down now…

Our trip ‘Back East’ was wonderful. It began on Friday, Oct 1st with a trip to Annapolis for shopping and an early dinner with the girls. We had dinner at a sushi restaurant, Joss, which is on Main Street. When it first opened in the early 90’s I had dinner there about once a week. Back then, it was a well kept secret. Now, they’ve expanded and the line is out the door! Got my favorite – spicy scallop roll (pictured above). YUM!

Later in the evening we met up with my Goddaughter Katie and my dear Karen. Katie’s boyfriend (Josie’s too!), Jesse, worked the bar. Maddie and Katie were deep in conversation and Karen and I discussed details of our up-coming 30th High School Reunion. A very fun evening.

On Saturday, we boarded the Enchantment of the Seas for a 5 -day cruise to Bermuda. Joining us were Josie’s Pre-School Posse BFF’s , Maria and Emma, who were kind enough to allow their mothers and big sisters to tag along for the trip! Maddie and ‘Big’ Emma disappeared into the teen center on board and we saw them only at dinner and curfew. Last year, Jamie, Lori, Claudine and I took a cruise without the kids. This year we decided to bring our girls along, due in no small part to their fathers’ collective inability to multi-task for longer than a few hours!

This year, Claudine stayed at home with her new ‘dober-daughter’, Midori.

In her place, Lori’s friend Karen provided the 4th wheel to balance our traveling road show. Such good company! Here are a few shots from our trip:

Maria & Josie with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background

In my late 20's, I spent lots of time sailing under this bridge...

The posse: Emma, Josie and Maria

Emma and Maria rock out on Guitar Hero!

Maddie and 'big' Emma (Jamie's older daughter)

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda

My Girls at the Snorkel Park

Jamie and her Girls

Maddie and Emma on the way to snorkel Bootleggers Cove

Three beauties!

Exploring together is the Best Fun!!

More of the Bermuda Aquarium

Lori assists the girls at Bootlegger's Cove

Such a drag to be missing school!

The Captain made a BIG mistake when he let these two drive the boat!!

Our second day in Bermuda.

The post-cruise blues...

We call this the "Aunt Claudine commemorative portrait" (She did this in nearly every group shot on last years cruise!)

While we were on the East Coast, my sister Suzanne suggested that we join her, Zach and Liam for two campus visits. Zach is a senior at Archbishop Ryan in Philadelphia. He’s determined to go to the University of Pennsylvania, but we all felt it best that he have a few ‘back-up’ schools. Maddie is a Junior at a Catholic HS here in CA – a school which encourages students to start campus visits in their Junior year.

We were truly fortunate, while touring Georgetown University, to meet up with Chris D. Chris is a sophomore at Georgetown and also the son of one of my grade school classmates, Michelle B-H. Chris is such an accomplished young man. He answered all of our questions honestly and was quite patient with us. Thank you Chris, for making our visit to GU so enjoyable…

Meeting Chris...

Sacred Heart Chapel, Georgetown University

Suzanne with Zach and Liam on the Georgetown Campus.

Madeleine loved Georgetown, as did I. I loved watching her look around and take it all in. Next year, she will finally make the first real adult decision of her life - where she'll live for the following four years. We've moved around so much. I told her this is her chance to choose where she wants to live, the kind of community she wants to be a part of...the kind of people she wants to surround herself with. It's an exciting and important prospect. I know she will make her choice carefully.

Next post will cover my 30 year High School reunion. It was a blast! Can't wait to share it!


  1. Really enjoyed the photos Michele. They tell a great story of what looks like a fabulous trip. I must say that I always felt your photography skills were great, and your photos continue to get better and better with each entry. Love them all!

    Congrats to Claudine on her new baby. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to bring another dog into my life. Losing Sedona was really hard, but I miss the companionship that only a canine furkid can give.

    Love to all,

  2. Fantastic photos! Looks like a really awesome trip!

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