Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Calling All Golfers and 'Do-Gooders'!!

A one-time-only photo of James, My Dad and my brother, Chalie on the golf course!!

I received this message from my brother yesterday. He is participating in a great event and is looking for pledges. If your life has been touched by cancer or if you know of a child who has lost a parent to cancer, please consider sponsoring Chalie in this awesome endeavor! Any amount will help!

I've sponsored him for $5 a hole... Can't wait to see if he makes it!!!


Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well! I would like to tell you about a feat that I am undertaking on November 8, 2010. This event will take place in Charlottesville, VA in support of the UVA Cancer Center. It will be a huge challenge for me but I am up for the task and the rewards are priceless!

As you know I am an avid golfer and I'm going to be playing golf from sun up to sun down in hopes of playing 100 holes of golf. You are probably asking yourself the same question I did, why would I want to take on such a lofty goal. The answer is simple.... to help children who have a parent with late stage incurable cancer. These kids are faced with the reality of loosing their mom or dad in the very near future and I am committed to helping.

I have partnered with the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation. When you are diagnosed with late-stage, incurable cancer, you think immediately of your children. You realize the many future memories you looked forward to with your children-the birthday parties, the first crush, learning to drive, going out to the ball park, graduations, weddings & grandchildren will not be realized as they were supposed to. This is the most anguishing & distressing facet of late stage cancer, its impact on the children left behind by a parent who dies.

JAJF ensures the children and their Mom and Dad capture indispensable memories together that will be both a return to some normalcy now and a legacy to cherish. They have and are securing a wide range of"WOW! Inventory" defined as: shared family experiences such as VIP status, special access, privileged guest appearances/tours, tickets, perks, and meet and greets.

WOW! Experiences™ include resorts, award shows, concerts, professional and college sports, all-star games, The NBA Draft, PGA Tour experiences, theme parks and attractions, Broadway, etc.


Here is a great segment by Ann Curry in a recent TODAY Show piece she did on the foundation

Here's where I need your help! I am raising pledges based on the number of holes I complete this day. My goal is to play 72 holes, myself and those children who are loosing a parent would so appreciate your support.

Please click on my fundraising pledge page to make your pledge to help these families


Please visit the website of the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation's website at to learn more about the great things that are making a difference is these families lives.

Thank you,

Charley Farren

Chalie with Jack and Kate

Chalie and wife, Kim

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