Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday from Josie's P.O.V

Daddy reading the Sunday L.A.Times

Lucky me! I was fortunate enough to get Maddie's 'hand-me-down' iPhone. I rarely use my cell phone. My last phone was 7 years old and I could have used it for 7 more. The basic idea of being available 24/7 doesn't appeal to me. So, my phone gets left behind, a lot.

Josie, on the other hand, loves anything Mac. She is a whiz on my iMac, has mastered the iPad in 3 short weeks and she's had the iPhone down for over a year. She asked if she could "bow row" my phone on Sunday morning. I didn't see Josie or the phone for most of the day. I found the phone this morning, tucked under Josie's pillow. I plugged it in to re-charge it and these are the photos that downloaded when I did... I'm sharing the photos she took with you now. It is a perfect photo essay of Josie's Day!

While Mom and Dad enjoy coffee and the paper, Josie plays with her dogs:

Josie's playmate, Naira comes over to hang out:

Watch a few videos at

Lets her sleeping teen aged sister lie:

When Mom tells Josie to clean her room, she decides instead to pose Bamboo (her webkin from Auntie Karen); Woobie (the little bear we sent in the care package to China before we met her!); Princess (her new PillowPet given to her by cousin Kate); Blue (the stuffed Husky dog Maddie got in Alaska for her); and Bear (Daddy's original teddy bear - now almost 50 years old!)

Our little one certainly knows how to amuse herself! I think the photos only covered about 3 hours of her day! Exhausting!!

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