Thursday, July 15, 2010

Major League Fun!

With summer upon us, I have been struggling to keep both the girls busy. Of course, summer school takes care of Maddie - for at least half the day! That leaves my 'velcro' daughter to contend with! I have now become the 'master playdate maker'!

Last week, we went on an adventure to a new kid's museum - Pretend City. We met up with our friends Sydney and her Mom, Christine. The girls had a ball running around and visiting the different 'shops'.

The prettiest firewomen anyone could ask for!

What to do next?!

Checking out costumes

Performing at the Theatre

Working the sound board - Uncle Greg would be so proud!

Also last week, James took Josie to the MLB All-Star parade at Disneyland. It was a thrill for James, but Josie didn't quite 'get it'! She is so used to watching the Disneyland 'Celebrate' parade, she kept asking, "Where are the dancers?", "Where is Mickey?" Sorry little one, but this was Daddy's parade! I hope some of you recognize a few of the players pictured below, because I am totally clueless... except of course for the first photo. Derek Jeter.... just yummy!

Josie's reward for sticking around for the parade!

Finally, today we attended a birthday party on the beach for Josie's classmate, Kyle. Kyle loves pirates! He also loves the beach! We gladly made the short ride down to Dana Point and joined in the festivities.

As you can see, Josie talks with her hands... A Lot!

The birthday boy is in the middle!

The Orange County Fair opens this weekend, so if it cools down a bit, we're sure to go. Yesterday, it was 102, today it was the same. At the beach, it was much cooler - a mere 87 degrees! Hope my family and friends on the East Coast are staying cool! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Totally agree... Derek Jeter is pretty yummy!!! :) Cute pics... as always!