Saturday, June 26, 2010

Josie's First Dance Recital

The video takes about 25 seconds to start (I'm still learning iMovie editing!)

Josie's Ballet/Jazz Class Recital Dance:

Josie has been practicing since January for this big event. I was so surprised that she showed not an ounce of shyness or stage fright. Is this the same girl who hides behind my legs when she meets a stranger?!?

Everyone turned out for the recital. Uncle Dave drove down from the desert. Maddie and Hailey put aside the usual weekend pool lounging and window shopping trips. Josie was thrilled to receive flowers from her sister and her Dad. What a special day!

However, you will see in the photos below, she started getting a little cranky after 6 hours of dancing, being photographed, bobby-pinned, hair-sprayed and curled!! I think I was able to capture a little of the 'Josie Attitude' for you. Now you will catch a glimpse of why my days are so fun filled and never, ever boring!!

Josie and her friend, Sydney, who presented Josie with a Lei after the performance!

Second Performance:

The dancer is getting tired of posing!

Josie and Jolie after their performances. Such beauties!!

This look is PRICELESS!!

This is what Josie will look like when she's around 20...

On the kitchen table... One last photo of the day!

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  1. Yay, Josie! You did a great job!!

    I love these photos, Mich... such beautiful daughters you have! When I got to the photos where Josie is obviously so over the paparazzi attention, I just had to laugh out loud. The face is priceless!

    And the one you described as how she will look at 20? You better lock that girl up now, because you're going to have a line of boys knocking at the door for her!

    I know you're so looking forward to the teen years with Josie. ;P