Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekly Report via Josie*

*Photos for this posting were taken by Josie

This past week we had a lot of fun. Last Saturday, our friends Nick and Mary stopped in for an overnight visit. They were on their way to spend a week in the sunshine of Palm Desert with Nick's parents. We had to fore go our visit to their home in Massachusetts last year because of the move. It had been a year since we had all spent time together. We were all so excited to be together!

Nick and Mary came bearing gifts - fresh lemons and grapefruits picked from Nick's grandparents trees! Talk about 'freshly squeezed' lemonade!! Yum! Uncle Fred also came by - he lives the next town over from us - to visit with his grade school pals.

Nick & Mary left for the desert on Sunday morning. James headed off to Washington, DC later that night. The girls and I returned to our school day routines. The week went by quickly.

I spent a great deal of time nursing our 10 year old Jack Russell, Casey. She had been getting progressively worse with infection. Casey was diagnosed with a MRSA infection in her nose earlier this year. She developed a severe ear infection last week and it seemed the infection was taking over her body. We have been fighting the infection with strong antibiotics, nose drops, a sulfa drug and a steroid. Most of my time was consumed with figuring out how to get the medications into her - she turned her nose up at a chunk of ribeye steak, knowing her pill was inside it! I even smashed the tablets, added a bit of water and put the mixture into a syringe. When I went to put the mixture into her mouth (I swear I had the syringe half-way down her throat!) she let the mixture slide out the side of her mouth! Very clever dog. My final solution, and the one that is actually working, is to crush all her pills into powder and mix them into an egg and then scramble the egg. Works like a charm and she cleans her bowl. On Thursday, her vet told me there was nothing more they could do for her - so I tried to prepare the girls for the possibility that Casey could be going to 'doggy heaven'. I cried on the phone to James and then my Mom & Dad - we all love our dogs like members of the family... I was distraught at the thought of losing Casey.

It seems she has turned the corner. She started to perk up a bit on Friday. Yesterday, James and I tended to her for a good part of the day. She's looking better, not sneezing and coughing, and showing a bit of her old enthusiasm. Fingers crossed, we'll whip this infection and she will return to her healthy, active self.

Finally, we received some photos of my nephew Zack's Junior Prom. This occasion was bittersweet. In November, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced that they were closing Zack's school. Northeast Catholic is an all-boy high school with a long, proud tradition of excellence. Zack was attending on full scholarship. His is the last class that will wear the school ring. So, this was also the last Junior Prom to be held by the school. So sad. Zack will have to finish high school in a new school - can you imagine having to transfer to a new school as a senior?!? Ugh. Here's Zack and his date, Jen and also the group of his friends that all went to Prom together. They all look stunning!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Can you believe that May is around the corner?!

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  1. I will be keeping your dear Casey in my prayers, Mich. I can't imagine my girl being so sick. I know how worried you all are.

    I love the photos of Zach and the other prom goers. Very handsome fellow he is. I told Suzanne he reminds me a lot of your brother!

    Sad about North Catholic. That's the school my dad graduated from. My Chris had to go to a new school for his senior year (in a new City/State thanks to the US Army). It was difficult, but he adjusted and excelled. I know Zach will do the same. It's just too bad for all of the students that they can't graduate from N.C.