Thursday, April 1, 2010

My sister, Suzanne and her boys arrived yesterday afternoon from Philadelphia. It's their first trip out here so - the first stop was Disneyland for sure!

Liam, 13 years old, is all about the rollercoasters. Zack, 18 years old, is more laid back. So, Maddie and Liam took off to catch the 'Gs' while Suzanne, me, Josie and Zack enjoyed a slower pace. Zack was really a good sport about taking Josie on a few of the rides. Josie just adores her cousins and you could see Zack looking down and laughing while they were waiting in the lines. She talked his ear off!! Of course, we waited in line to see Pooh, Tigger, Mickey and all the gang. Here are a few photos from the day:

The big surprise of the day was when we returned home to find this in the driveway:

Uncle James is doing an evaluation on this Viper. It's SOOOO unfortunate that this is the car that he and Zack are driving up to Stanford on Saturday! Zack will be applying to colleges in the Fall and we're hoping Stanford is one of his choices. I personally would love to have my nephew nearby while he's going to college! Although, the whole family is aware that Zack's Number one choice is University of Pennsylvania!

The boys (and Josie!) had a bit of fun with the Viper before dinner:

The Viper has a V-10 engine

Liam is ready for a spin!

Zack is looking forward to driving the Viper for real on Saturday!

We're all having a great time! Tonight, In-n-Out Burgers for dinner!


  1. NICE RIDE! I know that Zack is going to enjoy that drive! :D

    Glad to see you all having a good time at Disney. Sweet photos!

    Enjoy your family, Mich!

  2. Hope you continue to have a great visit with your sister and her family! Looks like it's been a fun time so far.

  3. Maddy saw the first photo and screamed Pooh! For a minute, I thought she was making a rather obnoxious bathroom request. Yes, that's a common situation around here! ;)

    Fun photos! That car is amazing! Before I read the text closer, I was a bit worried that you lost your mind completely and bought it for a certain girl who just turned 16. Phew! ;)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  4. LOL! I was thinking the same thing as Donna about the Viper! LOL! It looks like a pretty sweet ride though! We don't see those too often here in TN. It's nothing but rednecks in pick 'em up trucks around these parts! ;)
    Hope you guys enjoyed the family visit! And hope you are doing well!!