Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yard Work

Ditches for the sprinkler system in the backyard - holes had to be drilled through the block wall.

Last weekend, we started on our first home improvement project in the new house. When we moved in August, the backyard had a small area, about the size of a putting green that was, at one time we assumed, a 'lawn'. Back then, it was just dirt covered by mulch.

With two active dogs, the mulch didn't last long. I raked it all up within 10 days of move-in. It stayed just a patch of dirt until our gardener started the project last weekend. We had a sprinkler system installed in the backyard. It covers the 'putting green' and the planter built in along the back wall of the yard.

The crew prepares the ground for sod while the sprinkler system for the wall planter is installed

The wall planter was filled with these very overgrown 'Lilies of the Nile'. (They are actually quite beautiful, but bloom only once a year!)

The Bougainvilleas along the back wall were secured properly and now can be trained to cover most of the concrete wall

Sadly, this is all the sod it took to landscape the backyard. Big change from the acre I used to mow...

We also had some really, really horrendous succulents (that looked like green crab claws!) pulled out from the side of the house. We had the sprinkler system extended there and had rose bushes (which bloom all year here) and flowering ground cover installed.

Here is the stripped bed with just the roses installed along the top of the slope

I had the gardener plant a lemon tree( I was growing in a container) into this small bed in the yard

This photo, of a lemon blossom, is for my friend Karen. She didn't have great luck growing hers...

Here's the wall planter with sprinklers on and some of the Lilies of the Nile replanted with impatiens

Well, that's one project down - about 4 more major ones to go.....


  1. I can imagine how beautiful this will be when spring/summer arrive and everything is blossoming and blooming. You're lucky that you have blossoms. At least you have something to look forward to!

  2. Hayden and I will be in S. Cal very soon. We need to plan when we are having lunch!! Look forward to meeting you:)

  3. Love your blog. Come visit our site called goodkin, which is all about parents creating their dream families. There is a great story today about a woman who adopted from China and Ethiopia. I think you'd like it.

    Spring time is right around the corner. I'm jealous you've already planted!


  4. That looks so pretty! Amazing what some sod and a few flowers can do, huh! I love Lillies of the Nile. I had them at my wedding!

    Enjoy your putting green! ;)

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