Friday, March 5, 2010

See This Movie !!

About this time last year, a group of young film makers visited Maddie's high school in Virginia. They showed the students a documentary film entitled "The Human Experience". Maddie came home that day raving about the film and how she was truly moved by it. All the students met the film makers and got a chance to participate in a question and answer session after the showing.

Maddie has followed Grass Roots Films projects ever since. She found out that they were showing "The Human Experience" in Los Angeles last night. She invited her friend, Hailey, and her Mom, Jane, to come see the film with us... a girls night out in Westwood!

I have to tell you that this was an outstanding film. On the surface, it appears to be a film that would be depressing or upsetting. In fact, it was such a joyous and uplifting film! No matter what religion you are, there is such a positive message of love, hope and faith. I am not a 'preachy' kind of person, but I most sincerely encourage any and all of you to see this film. You will really, really, really be glad if you do! The film is opening in limited release next month. In the next few weeks it is being shown in New York, the Fort Worth, TX area, Phoenix, AZ and the Denver, CO area. (Harken Theaters).

Please check out Grass Roots Films and 'The Human Experience' pages on Facebook if you are a member.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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