Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maddie's 16th Birthday & A Busy Weekend

It seemed kind of anticlimactic to celebrate Maddie's birthday yesterday... after hearing about it for so long. And, of course, we're most thankful that Maddie recognizes that we don't have 'P-Diddy money' and wasn't expecting a Maybach or Ferrari in the driveway! She was thankful for getting the keys for her car which she has only been a passenger in thus far. Her Dad also threw in a mini shopping trip to pick up a few outfits for her upcoming Spring Break.

Mad's friends decorated her locker at school and presented her with cookies, a cake and a balloon bouquet. Then, after we had dinner, Hailey stopped by with another cake for Maddie and a beautiful, beautiful necklace designed by one of her Mom's friends. Such a nice day for our girl.

Late Saturday afternoon we all piled in the car and headed to Crystal Cove, which is on the Newport Coast. Maddie needed to take some photos of 'seascapes' for her photography course. We all brought our cameras and got some lovely shots!

After watching the sunset, we headed out to a local restaurant to toast (with our iced teas!) Maddie's birthday. I had taken some time earlier in the day to write a short note to Maddie to slip into her birthday card. I told her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her and how she has brought so much love and joy to me, her Dad and her little sister. I'm still quite emotional from the whole weekend... my beautiful, soft-hearted, intelligent daughter is growing up way too fast. The one thing that I am so thankful for is that she still says, "I love you" to each of us before leaving for school and before going to bed. With teenagers, that's no small thing.

On Friday morning, we had a field trip with Josie's class to a local farm. It's strawberry season here, so that was our mission for the day! We were treated to an educational tour of the farm, where our guide pulled carrots, celery, lettuce and peas right from the ground. The kids all loved munching on the goodies! Then, we descended from the tractor and set about to pick our strawberries. Boy, were they good!

Josie, Lo-Lo and Lo-Lo's Mom, Leah.

Mrs C's Pre-K Class

Showing off the fruits of their labor!

Now, we're preparing for my sister Suzanne and our nephews, Zack and LIam, to arrive on Wednesday. We are so excited that they are spending their Spring Break with us!!

Have a wonderful Easter and a blessed Passover!!

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  1. Happy Sweet 16 to your firstborn baby! Where has the time gone? It's so wonderful to see the fruits of our labors as our children grow up, but also so emotional to know that our 'babies' are no more.

    Enjoy the new wheels, Maddie - and no texting and driving! *takes off mom hat*

    Beautiful photos, and I would have loved to have gone strawberry picking! Yum!