Sunday, March 21, 2010

Josie Celebrates her 5th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Josie's 5th birthday with a small, 'Ariel themed' party at a kids gym owned by her school. We invited all of Josie's classmates from pre-school, ballet friends and neighborhood friends.

It was just the kind of party I like - someone else took care of set-up, clean-up and entertaining the kids!! I also really wanted to just sit back and enjoy this birthday party because once the kids start kindergarten, it seems the parties are all single-sex. I really love the boys at this age - they are so sweet and still like getting hugs & kisses!

Chase, Cole and Casen signal for "Sprite, please."

First, the kids ran around like monkeys to work up an appetite:

Josie gets a helping hand on the zip line.

Then, it was time for pizza and cake:

Josie wears the 'Birthday Princess' tiara given to her by her friend Madison

Blowing out 5 candles!

Yummy cake!

Lots of GREAT presents!!

And, best of all:

Good times with Good Friends!!

Finally, last night I pulled photos from each of Josie's past birthdays. Can't believe how much she has grown!!

1st Birthday:

2nd Birthday:

3rd Birthday:

4th Birthday:

Josie's 5 year check-up is on Tuesday... can't wait to see how much she has actually grown!!

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