Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dim Sum Sunday

Karen and I had been trying to get our families together again for a while. Before the holidays, we had planned to share Dim Sum at Sam Woo - a local restaurant know for their delicious selections. Our reservation in December was overcome by events - Karen & Eric's twin daughters were driving home from college and we were preparing for our trip back East. We finally managed to get together this past Sunday, and I'm so glad!

We all had a great time enjoying each other's company and the delicious food. Last time we got together at Naples in Downtown Disney. At that meal, Karen and I were on opposite ends of a fully engaged and long table. This time I snagged a seat right next to Karen... I wanted to hear all about the holidays - and a lovely 'get-away' she and Eric took to Hawaii in January.

The kids had a great time, as usual. Kenzie and Josie laughed and joked while inhaling their rice. We brought our 'third daughter' Hailey along with us. And we were thrilled to finally meet Kalie, one of Karen & Eric's twin daughters. As we were leaving James commented to me that we ought to make it a monthly gathering. It was such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning!

Here are some photos that Josie and Kenzie took during our meal:

A Kenzie portrait by Josie

A Josie portrait by Kenzie

Self Portrait

Kenzie took this one!

Two firecracker girls by the big firecracker!

Finally, I was thrilled to learn that Karen and Kalie have joined the blogging world! Karen's girls did a great job of designing the sites. Check them out!!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Mich. Glad you were able to get together with your friends and their family. Everyone looks wonderful! I think a monthly get-together is a great idea. :)

  2. We are totally on board for making it a once a month thing!!! We had a great time with great friends....and the food was amazing too.