Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year & Valentines

Both of our girls were sick during the week leading up to Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. I know my friends on the East Coast were stuck at home with the kids while foot after foot of snow fell from the sky. It was warm here, which I guess makes it a bit easier to deal with having the kids underfoot. However, I must say, I'm quite happy not being the 'Jack in the Box' anymore. Jumping up every 5 seconds to wipe a nose, give some medicine, or to administer a hug loses its charm well after the first 48 hours!

On Saturday morning we packed up the dogs and the kids and headed to James' parents house to celebrate Chinese New Year. Saturday was also my father-in-law's 80th birthday. As tradition dictates, we purchased a new suit for Dad for this special occasion. He looked very sharp in his new suit! (It still has to be tailored, so I couldn't get a photo!). He will wear it at the party we are having for him in July in San Francisco. That party will also be a celebration of James' parents 50th wedding anniversary.

The photo above shows the meal that was prepared for the Chinese New Year. Each dish is symbolic. The one that James' mother was REALLY pushing on both of us was the seaweed dish - meant to bring prosperity ($$) in the New Year. I'm all for cultural experiences but that stuff was truly nasty!!

Here's a photo of Josie dressed for the New Year. Behind her is her grandmother seated at the table that is set as an offering to their ancestors. Once Mom finished the prayers, everyone bowed 3 times - then it was dinner time!

Maddie was absent from school on Thursday when valentines were distributed at her school. Hailey collected Maddie's on her behalf and called with exciting news. Maddie received two 'mystery' valentines. One said, "You're gorgeous". The other said, "You amaze me". As I said to Maddie - it's kind of sweet and kind of creepy at the same time!! To add to the mystery, we arrived home on Sunday morning to find a box of roses on the doorstep. Maddie's mystery valentine had struck again. Lovely note with the flowers... unsigned. She's hoping to find out today who sent them.

James is having a fit - he is not mentally prepared for Maddie to turn 16 a month from now. All of our 'dating rules' expire at that time. Up until now, she's not been allowed on a 'car date'. She has only been able to go out in a group where a parent drives or meet up with a date for a movie, etc that we drive her to... Just as an aside, you all can bear witness to the fact I told James he would be sorry he bought Maddie her car a year and a half ago. My first car was a Ford Maverick that was about 10 different colors of primer and paint. Maddie will be tooling around in a 2000 BMW 325i convertible. Unbelievable. Next time any of you hear him protest when he's told he spoils his children - please, smack him in the head!

That's all for now, hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!


  1. Oh my gosh! I've not really given much thought to the idea of GIRLS dating. All of my experience was with raising a boy.

    I have to tell you that I miss-read your statement that Maddie will be tooling around in a 2000 BMW 325i. I thought you wrote that she'll be FOOLING around in a 2000 BMW 325i! Aaaahhhhh! I had to go back and read that twice!

    You do know that you can change the rules, right? I do it all the time just so my girls can get good and used to the idea.


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  2. Josie looks beautiful in her dress! While I love to learn about other cultures, I'd much prefer to ask questions and take photos than eat food I can't identify (or which I can identify and don't like!). I suppose there weren't any chicken fingers, eh? *grin* You're a brave girl for eating the seaweed, and I hope your effort is rewarded with the prosperity it is supposed to bring!

    I do not envy you the adventures in dating that you have ahead. I'm so happy I raised boys, or my gray hair would have started coming in much earlier! I shiver to think of the things I did - and how many (*ahem*) made-up stories I told my mom so she wouldn't worry about me while I was out with boys.

    At least Maddie seems to attract the romantic and sweet guys. Hopefully you won't have some long-haired rock n roller show up on your doorstep, with grungy clothes and piercings all over his face. Hahaha!

    Of course, if Maddie steps out of line, you could always exile her to Alaska in the winter months - without a warm coat or boots. :P Not many boys come out when it's -50F!

    Happy Sweet 16 to your first baby... they're always our babies, no matter how much time passes. Tell Maddie to drive carefully, and keep both hands on the wheel at all times!

    Happy New Year!

  3. So glad you had a nice Valentines/Chinese New year. I hate to admit it, but we totally mailed it in this year. I didn't feel like trying to sort through all the boxes in the garage to try to find all of my decorations and Madison had an all day dance competition on Saturday that kind of sucked the life out of any real planning I would have done....so we just ended up going out for Chinese for dinner on Sunday evening.
    Pathetic, I know!
    Sorry the girls were under the weather! Being a nurse to two at a time can be exhausting!