Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update from Africa

As some of you may remember, James and I were fortunate enough to visit Africa this past May. Upon our return I wrote of the most meaningful part of the trip - our visit to the Islands of Siankaba lodge in Zambia. We felt so blessed to visit the village and particularly the preschool headmaster, Malindi. We made a commitment to stay in touch and to support the pre-school in any way we could.

The details of our meeting with Malindi and our village tour can be found here.

Image how thrilled we were to discover that construction of the preschool has been completed to the point that Malindi can now conduct class for all 55 of his students in the new building!! This is where Malindi had taught the children for the past two years:

Take a look at these videos we found - of Malindi teaching his students in the new preschool! They were posted in December 2009, just 7 months after we visited.

We are absolutely 'over the moon' to see this dream come to fruition. Congratulations to Malindi and the children of Siankaba!!

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  1. They really have made such wonderful progress. I love to see the students in their uniforms, and singing and dancing in the second video. Awesome!