Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year - New 'Do'

As many of you may have noticed, Josie has hair issues. In nearly every photo I have taken of her in the past 3 months, she has hair in her eyes.

We've been trying to grow her hair (bangs) out since we moved. I just love the look of a little girl with barrettes, bows or ribbons in her hair. I've purchased dozens of each in the past few months - to no avail. Josie cannot stand having anything in her hair for long. She removes pony tails, buns, hair clips - you name it. It doesn't stay put for long. Her hair is painfully thin. I've tried everything to make it look fuller... including an ill-advised 'layered' cut.

Well, we've given up. I took Josie for a haircut on Sunday and she is thrilled with it! I love seeing her beautiful eyes again and she loves the fact that there's no pulling, tugging or spraying of her head.

I think she looks a lot older. She's losing the sweet baby face that I have adored for the past 4 years...


  1. She looks adorable, Michele! And I can also see that she is losing her 'baby' face, but what a beautiful little girl she is growing up to be!

  2. Josie's new cut is precious!! Funny timing too because Kenzie just asked if she could grow out her bangs again. We went through this once before and that thin hair is just not cut out for the all one length look...but here we go anyway. Your frustration is ending right as mine is starting!

    Looks like y'all had a great holiday trip. I am envious of your white Christmas.

    As soon as you recover from the holidays let's reschedule our Sam Woo dinner...I can't wait to hear all about your trip and your holidays.

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! The baby girl is gone but look at the pretty young lady! I love the new "do!"

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