Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

See if this sounds familiar:

There once was a lovely woman happily raising her beautiful daughters somewhere far from the West Coast. She was surrounded by friends who loved her and she loved them. She also had a deep love for her husband who worked hard to give her and the girls a lovely home and a comfortable life. One day her husband comes home with news of an 'opportunity' and before you know it, she's packing up her beloved home and children - headed for Southern Orange County, CA.

She doesn't know a soul in California and is totally depressed by her house hunting trips - she's used to wide, open spaces. There is nothing familiar around her, but she knows that 'Home is where the Heart Is'. As long as she has her daughters and her husband, she'll be fine...

Believe it or not, this story is not only about me - but my new friend Karen. Karen's BFF Julie stumbled upon this blog and persuaded Karen to get in touch with me. Oh, I forgot to mention that Karen's youngest daughter, Kenzie, was born in China. Oh, and another thing... her 14 year old daughter is Maddie (Madison). Can you believe it? Julie thought that these similarities merited an introduction for the two of us. She was so right!

After a few months of corresponding via e-mail, Josie and I took an afternoon to share lunch with Karen. Our lunch was 2.5 hours long! We had such a fun time sharing stories of our new lives, our families and our feelings of loneliness here in our new home state. Karen left our first meeting confident in the knowledge that some people you meet through the internet are not crazy :-) I left our lunch knowing that I had just shared an enjoyable afternoon with a lady who had a heart as big as Texas! (and yes, that's the state that Karen left behind)

We agreed that it would be great to get our husbands and kids together to have some fun at Disneyland. Today was that day!
We had such a great time! We met for lunch in Downtown Disney and then headed over to the California Adventure park. Kenzie was so sweet with Josie - putting off riding all the exciting 'big people' rides she was now tall enough to ride - to ride the far less exciting kiddie rides with our JoJo. Josie was just thrilled to hold Kenzie's hand and to have someone close to her size to hang with for the afternoon. We also cut our Maddies loose to ride the coasters, meeting up with them at 3PM.

Turns out that the camera loves all the girls and they happily posed so Karen and I could document the afternoon. James and Karen's husband, Eric also had a great time chasing the little ones through the park and pulling the all-important Bumper Car duty.

Here are some photos from this afternoon:

Josie and Kenzie cuddle up with Pluto

James & Eric take the girls for a ride!

Here's Karen and me with our girls.

Josie, Kenzie and the Mouse

Madeleine, Josie, Kenzie and Madison - what a bunch of beauties!

Karen and Eric have two college-aged daughters who will be joining them in California next week. I can't wait to meet them! We're anticipating a lot of fun times ahead...


  1. Michelle,

    I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to hear this story. It is so hard to move and finding a friend who is adjusting too is so perfect. I hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful and long friendship!!!!

  2. Michelle,
    We had such a fun time with y'all yesterday!! Kenzie has not stopped talking about Josie, she loved her and she is ready to play again SOON.
    We are so happy that we got to meet you all and we look forward to a long and fun friendship with your entire family!!
    I guess I really do have to stop making fun of my friend Julie and her obsession with meeting friends through blogs....even though it really will end up being a serial killer one of these days. :-)
    Thanks for a great day and a new friendship!!

  3. AMAZING and what a beautiful Christmas blessing for you all...... It makes my heart happy for you..... WE can't wait to see you.. JoJo is sooooo big now.. I love her hair cut....