Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Not Just the Smile...

After seeing the Halloween photos I posted here and on Facebook, my friend Donna suggested I should do a post about how James and Josie have the same exact smile. It's so true.

It is rumored that the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) goes to great lengths to match each child to a family with similar characteristics. I know many adoptive parents who are amazed by how well this matching process seems to have worked. We would love our children no matter what, but it is so incredibly fascinating to see ourselves in them. Obviously, James & Josie have the similar Asian features. But, it's downright scary to see how their gestures, facial expressions and overall temperaments are exactly the same!

I went through my photo archives to see how far back I could spot these similarities. I was totally surprised to see that they have been alike since the very beginning! Thanks, Donna for suggesting this trip down memory lane! See if you agree that our Josie is the image of her Dad:

This photo was taken when Josie had been home with us for just a few days.

This photo still cracks me up, nearly 3 years later!

You can see here that Josie also has her GungGung's smile!

Here, it's the look in James' eyes that I see now in Josie...

And finally, this is a series of photos I took of James and Josie while we were on vacation in 2007. Me, Maddie, James and Josie were enjoying the sunset as our ship departed Piraeus (Athens) Greece. Maddie and I still love looking at these photos and marveling over the absolute love you can see in their eyes:


  1. Sweetest walk down your memory lane..WOW.. Josie then as a baby is the Josie now.. Amazing... Brings tears to my eyes just seeing her sweet littl face. She is a happy loved baby and now a big girl.. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. My fav was the one with James and her laying on the lawn chair.. Love that one.. Match in by GOD. Amen...Love to you all

  2. These are so wonderful, Mich. It IS true, and they couldn't be any more father/daughter than these photos show. I love them!

  3. I'm smiling from ear to ear! What a fun walk down memory lane this was! It's uncanny how similar they are!


  4. How sweet is this post? They do mirror one another!