Saturday, October 10, 2009


We've been counting the days until our friends from Virginia - Maria, Noah, Riley and Hailey - headed west for vacation. Their visit was actually to visit Riley and Hailey's Grandmom, but they were kind enough to carve out an evening for us. And what an evening it was!

Riley and Josie haven't seen each other since June or July. They went to preschool together in Virginia. As I've mentioned about a million times before - these kids and their parents are so special to us. James and I were just as excited to see Maria and Noah as the girls were to see each other! We also had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the evening with Noah's mom, Linda.

We all enjoyed a fabulous Italian dinner on the patio of a restaurant in Downtown Disney. It was a great meal, with lots of laughter and just pure enjoyment of the comfort of having true friends nearby.

Once we finished dinner, we headed over to Mickey's Halloween Trick or Treat Party. The kids had a great time collecting candy and riding the pint-sized rides in the Bug's Life section of the park. They also REALLY enjoyed dancing with the characters:

The girls do a bit of window shopping...

Boy, did we miss this smile:

As the night grew darker, and the kids more tired... the Dads stepped in to provide welcomed relief:

After the fireworks, the kids finally hit the wall. Hailey was in the stroller, Riley was in Noah's arms and Josie was asleep on James' shoulder. Hugs and kisses preceded our grudging goodbyes... We won't meet again until Christmas time... Can't Wait!!

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  1. Glad you got to spend a great day with good friends! Fabulous photos. I love the one of Josie asleep on James. :)