Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lucky Me

I had the good fortune of turning 47 years old today. I was serenaded by some of the most loved people in my life. I was awaken with a kiss and "Happy Birthday"'s from my darling husband and insomniac daughter (Josie!) My first chorus of the birthday song was sung from Virginia compliments of Meagan, Lauryn and their Mom, my dear friend Sharon.

I got a quick kiss and another birthday wish from Maddie as she jumped out of the car at school. She left for a retreat with her Sophomore classmates and will return late on Friday.

Around noon came my second singing phone call. This time it was my Mom & Dad - who are WAAAAYY too young to have a 47 year old daughter :-) Teacup roses from my Posse Moms (Lori, Sharon & Jamie) came around 2PM. Josie was so helpful in helping me arrange them! There were so many of them we had to pull out another vase! (One for each year, perhaps?!)

Darling husband arrived home bearing Tuxedo Cake (white chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate cake with buttercream icing) - makes my teeth hurt just writing about it!

James also came to dinner bearing gifts - Oh Goody!! Josie helped me unwrap this beautiful present:

Inside was a smaller version of the tote I received for Christmas. I haven't taken a photo of it yet, but I will use it right away! James has noticed me fishing around in the larger bag for my keys - always when I'm running late or HE's in a hurry! He's always been a practical and resourceful guy. He goes with what works - so now I have the smaller Burberry bag for the fall. Thanks, 'Homie D'!

My final serenade came shortly after dinner. I answered the phone to hear two of the sweetest little voices any Auntie could ask for... our nieces, Alicia and Zoe, sang their little hearts out with their Mom & Dad (my brother and sister-in-law, Rich & Ivy)

Thanks to all of you who made this day so special. I feel truly blessed.

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  1. Nothing but the best for my Birthday Princess!!! Miss you more friend.. Life is sure differant around here without you.

    Hope you had a wonderful day..