Thursday, September 17, 2009

'Loser Lover'

I'm a day late with this post - but, OMG! Did ya happen to catch the season opener for The Biggest Loser?!

I have loved this show since it premiered and watch religiously - all except last season when the contestants were so boring and whiny. I felt nothing for those folks. But this season is awesome! Controversy on the first episode! I totally disagreed with Alexandra being sent home! Julio should have lost more - and it didn't help that in every clip of him in the gym he was falling over like a sack of potatoes.

Just because Alexandra was young and single didn't mean she had less of a right to continue on. Julio played the "I've got two kids at home" card way too often. Where was his concern for his wife and children while he piled on the weight? Didn't happen overnight. I guess I'm just heartless that way. I like Alexandra - and she looked fantastic in the final clip.

Also, was it just me or did anyone else notice that Jillian is totally into having people "be my bitch" this season?! It totally cracked me up when she was yelling at those huge guys lying on the floor - she's like a ninja pixie! Also, being able to watch those folks actually puke really adds a certain 'je ne sais pas'.

Best thing about watching 'Loser' is that I feel like a goddess afterwards. Sure, I have what I consider 'serious' weight to lose - but, DAMN! I come away from that show feeling really thankful that there's a '1' as the first number in my weight. I can't wait to see who wins this time around. All of the contestants are attractive people - all have beautiful faces and great attitudes so far. I just don't want to see any whiners this season. As Jillian would say, "You need to own it, bitch!" LMAO!!!

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  1. I grew up in San Juan Capistrano and really love all your pictures of the Dana Point Harbor.
    I now live on the East Coast and really miss that area.
    My favorite sandwich shop is the Kultured Kitchen at
    360 Camino De Estrella. I've thought about them for 14 years :(