Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting Out and About...

All this week I've been reading the local paper's features about the Tall Ships coming to Dana Point. Like many things lately, I figured it was something we would really enjoy doing, but we always seem to be overcome by events - so those events fall to the wayside. I'm happy to report that we actually made it to the Tall Ships both Friday and Saturday evening.

Maddie was at a football game with her friends Haley & Liz on Friday night. James had been out of town all week and was itchy to have dinner out with Josie and me. Once we got Maddie on her way, James pointed the car toward Irvine. I just didn't want to have another huge-portion meal in an overcrowded restaurant. I suggested we head toward the beach. We were about half way there when I remembered that the Tall Ships were at Dana Point.

The three of us found a parking space and actually got a table at a restaurant overlooking the Dana Point Harbour. It was a beautiful evening, with a beautiful sunset. Josie nearly jumped out of her seat as the ships began shooting off their cannons in the Harbour. Fear turned to delight when she saw the awesome sails billowing in the wind. She started asking, "Mom, where are the pirates, where are the pirates?!"

We didn't see any pirates, I'm sad to say. But it was an enjoyable evening. When Maddie found out we had gone without her, she asked if we could take her and Haley down to see the ships. So, James headed to a local pizza joint to meet up with his friend Fred. There they watched the USC Football game. I headed toward the shore with the girls.

It was a bit cloudy this evening, so my photos aren't that great... never mind that the ships were well out of the harbour - even the long lens couldn't help me much. The girls and I walked the promenade and then enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant with a marina view.

I was really happy to be out in the fresh, salt air. I could have walked for many more hours but little Josie's legs were wearing out and she really did work up an appetite. Here's a few photos of the evening:

Oh, and USC won their game... I think.


  1. I can't wait for you to meet my friend Karen. I read your blog and knew you all would be instant friends. You literally lead twin lives!!
    Hope you all can get together soon, I want my bestie to be able to enjoy her new home and have friends to do stuff with...she is so fun, and such a wonderful mom, you will enjoy meeting her. Sounds like you both will enjoy meeting new friends to enjoy in that wonderful weather you all have there in S. Cal

  2. Love the pictures of the ships. Bobby will die when he seems These are beautiful pictures and the girls look great... Thanks fr sharing them..