Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Squeezing an Elephant into A Monkey Suit

It's a standard joke in our family that on moving day, James picks the oddest things to concentrate on... When we moved from Northern Virginia to Reading, PA in 2000, he spent the whole day changing out the light switches. When we moved from PA to Michigan in 2003, it was door handles. Never let it be said that my husband hasn't grown wiser with age. On Sunday, when the moving truck pulled up, he just got out of dodge! Gave a quick wave, said he was headed to Lowes and didn't return for six hours. Smart move on his part.

Our truck pulled up at 7:30AM and it took until 5PM to unload. We downsized from 4000 square feet to 2800 square feet and this house is bursting at the seams. As more and more furniture was being loaded in the house, my demeanor changed from 'resolute', to 'worried', and finally to 'defeated'. My moving guys - Emilio, James and Mike - kept asking if I was okay. The driver, Michael, just kept saying, " It's gonna be alright, girl."

Now that the boxes are being unloaded, things are even more of a mess. The photos below were taken just about 6 hours into the unload. We finished unpacking the kitchen last night. The refrigerator, washer and dryer we all delivered yesterday (Monday). We're making progress. Josie's room was the first to be completely unloaded, then Maddie's. We still have no TV, but the Cox cable guy is due to come out today between 10 and noon. I missed The Closer last night which, by my estimate, has been the biggest tragedy of the whole moving process :-).

Here's what things looked like before the boxes were unpacked:

The Dining "Area" - no longer a 'room'

The kitchen, taken from the family room

The family room - it got worse before it got better

Josie helped unload Maddie's room

Our 'Tech Center'

The bed takes up the whole guest room now..

Maddie's furniture is a very tight squeeze, too

This was taken just before I surrendered all optimism...

And finally, a few post back I wrote about Maddie's new uniforms. I received a lot of calls and comments about the styles so here are two photos of the uniforms...

That's all for now. I'm hoping to have things a bit more under control in the next 48 hours. All good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated...


  1. I just found your blog. What a huge undertaking for you all! Hang in there!

  2. It will all be OK... keep saying that to yourself!