Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Sorrowful Day

My sister, Claudine, was here at my parents house in Delaware this weekend. She left this morning, having said goodbye to the girls over the past two days. She was returning home to her two 'babies' - SoCo, her doberman and Chandler, her mutt.

All was fine upon her arrival. She had made plans to go shopping with two of her girlfriends. When they arrived home from shopping, Claudine found her darling SoCo, dead of an apparent heart attack, in her bedroom.

My sister is heartbroken. SoCo was her child. Having almost lost SoCo 2 years ago to heart problems, we were all aware that the loving and gentle girl was living (quite well) on borrowed time.

Our entire family is in mourning for this beautiful, loyal and universally loved girl. Please keep them both in your prayers.

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  1. Michele-

    You did a great job documenting the packout. I get sad seeing it because it reminds me of all the times we've moved and had to start over making friends. But, every move has been a great adventure and I know this one will be for you, too. Good Luck. We'll miss you!