Friday, August 28, 2009

Sea World

It's been really hot here. Temperatures are predicted to hover around the 100 degree mark for the next few days. I noticed on the local paper's weather map that San Diego runs about 10-15 cooler than our area. We've been stir crazy (still unpacking, cleaning and sorting) so I grabbed the girls and we headed south to spend the day at Sea World in San Diego.

It was a straight shot down Interstate 5 - look us an hour using the HOV lanes. It was a really pretty ride, too. It was much cooler at Sea World, though still quite hot in the limited shade. Most of the attractions at Sea World are held in arenas with bleachers. We roasted! It was worth it though, as both girls throughly enjoyed all the shows. We saw the Shamu show, the Sea Lion and Otter show, and the Dolphin show. We also enjoyed the Sesame Street 4-D show - in the nice, cool theater at the back of the park.

The day was not without a meltdown, however. Josie was hot and wanting to get into the Sesame Street show. She had had enough of posing for her Mom and went into what we like to call 'angry monkey mode'! Take a look:

Hope everyone else is able to stay cool - both literally and figuratively - during the coming days!

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