Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Long Trip Home?

Seems incredibly odd that the girls and I are leaving today for 'HOME'. Buying one-way tickets to California also took a bit of effort...

We've had a lovely time here at my parents house - both my sisters visited. In another weird 'first', my nephew Zack drove himself, Maddie and his brother Liam to play miniature golf last night. My sister and I have been making that trip for the past 16 years and it was really, really, scary watching the three of them leave for the evening without us.

Being here was a nice transition for whats to come. The girls and I will be leaving here around 2PM. We'll drive to Dulles Airport and board our 8PM Virgin America flight to LAX. There's plenty to do between now and then. If time allows, we will stop by Claudine's house. She is still completely grief stricken over the loss of SoCo.

Maddie was able to spend some time with her high school friend, Tori, while staying here with my Mom & Dad. She also spent time with Dana - the granddaughter of my parents dear friends, Pete & Donna. Maddie & Dana have been hanging out since they were in diapers. Every summer they looked forward to enjoying the beach together. Now they head off to the 'under 18' dance club here at the shore. I feel like I've aged overnight!!

Josie will miss her Grandmom most of all. She makes her 'sad face' each time she is reminded that we don't live in Virginia anymore. She wants constant reassurance that Pop-Pop and Grandmom will come see her in California.

So, finally, we're off. Next time you hear from me, I'll be a Californian.

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