Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hotel Living

Well, we did it. This morning we signed our lives away and settled on the new house.

"California is different." This is a phrase that I've grown tired of hearing. This was the response we got this morning when we asked why, having signed an obscene stack of paperwork and wiring thousands of dollars in hard earned savings, we still did not have the keys to our new home. We were insuring it, we had funded it and we're even paying taxes on it... but because the sale is not 'official' until all the recording is done - we didn't get the keys.

One could ask, "What's the big deal about waiting one day?". Well, the girls and I have only seen the house in photos. James bought the house on his own. We haven't seen the neighborhood, the layout of the house or what our new postage stamp backyard looks like! Until this happens, it's a bit hard to feel like this is more than just another trip out to California to visit our family members.

Right now, we're staying at a Marriott suites hotel in Newport Beach. It's lovely. Great pool, big room -even a cozy outdoor fire pit down by the pool. The staff knows us - James has been living her for the past two months. There's a waiter in the restaurant who is quite fond of Maddie - letting her know that "if you want dessert, I can hook you up." Ah, the romantic language of teenagers !! The chef who works the morning shift made Josie a mouse shaped pancake this morning - she was thrilled.

Our sleeping schedules are a bit off. Josie was up super early this morning. I was sitting up in bed at 4 AM trying to figure out what to do with myself. I am restless. Of course, Maddie slept in, waking up about 15 minutes before we left to go to closing. Our flight arrived at 10:30 last night, local time. By the time we collected our luggage and car seat, drove here to the hotel and got settled in, it was well past 3AM on our body clocks.

After James & I finished at the escrow company this morning, we returned to the hotel. I collected the girls and we headed off to the company that supplies the uniforms for the school Maddie will be attending. It looked like it was going to be another agonizing shopping outing where I would have to hear all about all of Maddie's perceived imperfections... "I'm so fat", " I look huge." "I hate uniforms", etc. Initially, that's the way it was heading. However, once we saw that the uniforms shirts were all a beautiful shade of blue; the skort was a beautiful blue, gray, white and black plaid; and navy blue and khaki shorts were also a part of deal, well, things went a lot better. There are no regulation goth looking black shoes like her last school - another plus! She was pleased with how the uniforms looked on her and I happily handed over my credit card to purchase a years worth of school attire. One potential disaster averted. It was going to be a good day.

We picked up some lunch at the local Ralph's grocery store. Some freshly made sushi for Maddie and me. Mac & cheese for Josie. We are so sick of take-out food. I'm longing for the first meal I cook in our new home... fresh veggies, grilled fish, and no take out containers in sight!

We returned to the hotel, had a nice laugh together over lunch and then we headed to the pool. Josie met some very nice kids her own age down at the pool. I have no worries about her ability to acclimate to her new surroundings... she sat down on the steps where the kids were playing and said, "Hi, I'm Josie, what's your name?" She eagerly shared her Barbie dolls and settled in to play with her new friends.

Maddie is still on her iPhone constantly to friends in Virginia. It's her only source of security and support right now. She's caught in Limbo Land. Not sure where she belongs, wanting to spend time on her own. We're trying to give her a bit of space - but keeping the lines of communication open. She says that it's still a bit unreal for her. I'm hoping that spending the weekend unpacking our belongings will give her a sense of permanency. I know it will help me too.

We're still waiting to hear from our real estate agent - to get a time to pick up the keys for the house and take the kids over for the run-through. Then we're off to purchase appliances and pick up some paint chips for the girls bedrooms. Should be an interesting day!

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  1. Trying to picture the uniforms..... you'll have to post pics.

    Sorry you're still just visitors to the golden state instead of official key carrying residents. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon and you can get settled in and start to adjust to your new life. It'll be great! Just take your lead from Josie and walk up to people and say hello.

    Wish we lived closer!


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