Friday, August 7, 2009

Have Keys, Will Clean

Our Hotel Living Area

Yesterday, we were handed the keys to the new kingdom. It was the first time I had walked into the new house. Our real estate agent, Cynthia, was there and had set up a nice 'Congratulations' banner on the fireplace in the family room. The girls made the mad dash upstairs to scope out their new rooms.

Maddie burst into tears, crying that her furniture wouldn't fit in her room. Josie schemed to take over Maddie's room (it has a small balcony) when she goes away to college. Once Maddie and I discussed how to set things up, she calmed down a bit.

James & I took some measurements for the new appliances we had to order later in the day. After an hour, we headed out to the local Lowes & Sears to look at washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers. Needless to say, it was a bit distracting having Maddie and Josie's input. Seems they are both quite fond of $8,000 refrigerators! We enjoyed a nice dinner out together - we all had salads. I think all of us are sick of fast food... anything fried gets a curled-lip response from the girls.

This morning, James took Josie to his office. Maddie and I were out the door to our local Target to purchase cleaning supplies. We really enjoyed the drive to the house. It really is quite beautiful here. I'm trying so hard to point out every good thing I can to the girls. They miss their friends, their dogs, their own beds. Just a few more days, I keep reminding them...

Our schedule is a bit odd for the coming days. Our moving van, which was supposed to arrive either today or tomorrow, will not arrive until Sunday morning. Our cars are being delivered tomorrow. The refrigerator and cable will be installed tomorrow too. On Monday, we have the dishwasher being installed and servicemen taking measurements for the wall oven and cook-top.

Here's a few photos from the past few days:

View from the parking lot of Target - to us it looks like Hawaii!

On the way to our new house

More of the drive to our house

Maddie will have to have her iPhone surgically removed...

In other news, I received a few emails from our VA neighbor Nora. I can't tell you how much I miss seeing her friendly wave from across the yard. Even watching the kids come and go in their cars gave me a sense of security, knowing someone would notice a light on - keep an eye out for us. It seems the folks who bought our house are not making a good 'first impression'. Nora has given me reason to smile with her accounts of their meeting with the couple.

We so loved our neighbors - each are such completely unique individuals. They were always so accepting and supportive. Like Nora says, "Can't wait till the new owners see Doug grab his morning paper in his boxers!" Ah, good times...

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  1. What beautiful mountains, Michele! A lovely sight to see surrounding your new home. :) I'm sure that in time you will find a million things to see and do, you'll meet wonderful people, and life will settle into a pleasant routine.

    Kids are so resilient. It won't be long before both Maddie and Josie are feeling right at 'home'.

    Once your 'stuff' is around you again, things will feel much more homey. I don't envy you the unpacking though.

    Much love!