Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pack It Up and Move It Out!

I've spent the past two days doing laundry. I wanted to make sure that as soon as our shipment arrived in California the girls would have fresh linens on their beds, clean clothes to wear - thus making them as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible. It seemed like a good plan until I saw one of the packers literally dump a neatly folded drawer full of clothes into a packing box.

Okay, so the clothes will be clean, just not neatly folded.

I was up with James at 4AM this morning. I drove him to Dulles airport along with Casey and Carson (the dogs). The three of them boarded a Virgin America flight to LAX at 7AM. It's been the big joke among the family for the past week - James bought Carson a seat on board the aircraft. And, since each paying passenger gets two carry-ons, Casey was her brother's carry-on. Carson sat (in his sherpa bag) in the seat next to James while Casey rested comfortably in her bag under the seat. It was cheaper than PetAirways... which was sold out for the near future on the BWI-LAX route. Virgin America is a pet-friendly airline. As such they do not accept pets in cargo. They allow pets in the cabin if they are in approved carry-on pet carriers.

James reports that they both did well on the flight and they are now resting comfortably in their doggy suite hotel in Newport Beach. Sad to say, but the dogs are living much more comfortably than I am at the moment. The packers were kind enough to leave me a mattress to sleep on and one sheet. Here's my accommodations for the next two evenings:

The girls' rooms are all packed:

Maddie's bedroom

Josie's Room

The guest room won't be accommodating any friends in the foreseeable future:

The steps, bannister, and walls are covered with cushioned mats and cardboard to prevent damage:

The packers left at 6PM - leaving me just enough time to shower and change for my farewell gathering with my dear, dear friends. Words cannot describe how much I will miss these ladies. Who ever expects to make new, true friendships in their 40's? I am still in awe that I found a group of kindred spirits who are now my closest friends. I trust these ladies with my thoughts and feelings. They are non-judgmental, supportive and honestly - being with them for too long would give one cavities... so sweet and generous are their hearts.

The evening was a lovely send-off. First thing in the morning I am off to pick-up some coffee and bribes (oops, I meant doughnuts!) for the packing crew. Then I'm off to collect the last of our dry-cleaning and Josie's medical records. All this before 9AM. Time for me to get some sleep!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Goodbyes Begin

Our Carpool Partners: (l to r) Steve, Charlie, Josie, Joe and Maddie

It feels like we've been saying goodbye since we found out we had to move. It has been a heartbreaking, two month process. The past 7 days have been filled with such fun & sadness. Last Thursday, our neighbors Brett & Nora, had us over for a barbecue. We celebrated their oldest son's (Jonathan) high school graduation with them 3 years ago. Their daughter, Eryn, is off to college next month and youngest son, Jason starts high school this Fall. I really wanted to be on hand to see how the kids are growing into adulthood. James always sought advice from Brett regarding the raising of a teen aged daughter. They have raised such lovely kids and we are going to miss them.

On Friday night our carpool partners and friends, Tom & Mary had us over for a lovely lasagna dinner. Josie and Joe get along famously and Maddie and Charlie (pictured above) started at their new high school together. Maddie & Charlie developed a really great friendship and I personally will miss my long drives with them. Mostly what I miss is the laughter that we all shared while sitting in traffic, singing and rapping with the radio, and hearing a teen agers thoughts on the day. Charlie made the phrase "fo shizzle" a part of our everyday language. Guaranteed to bring a smile to all our faces. Tom & Mary have so much to be proud of with their boys. They are all terrific people.

On Thursday, we had what we thought was our last playgroup with Josie's preschool friends... But, we are all so unwilling to be separated , that we scheduled a family dinner at Jamie's on Sunday night. Here are a few photos from our swimming play date last Thursday ...

JoJo with her 'real' smile

Dave and daughter Emma

Dave, Emma & Josie

Maddie and Madison chillin'

Maria and Meagan

Josie says goodbye to Miss Tammy, one of her preschool teachers

My Girlz: Lori, Sharon and Jamie

All the Girls playing in the shallow end

The PPM's (Preschool Posse Moms) are throwing me a Farewell girls night on Wednesday. That's the day the movers begin packing up the house. Hope I make it through the next few days.